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Virtual tour in Amsterdam, guide and camera on bridge

Live Virtual Tour: Amsterdam’s Old City Center / the Red Light District

A live virtual education with a focus on the old city center / the Red Light District of Amsterdam. The Red Light District is one of the most talked-about areas in the world. When most people think the Red Light District is Sodom & Gomorra, it’s actually a really diverse and tolerant area. Besides all the notorious things it’s infamous for, it actually has a really high concentration of non-profits, charities and creative business people.

What is the tour about?

In the past decade the city council has invested a lot in trying to reshape this area. During this virtual tour, you will learn not only learn about the rich history of the former harbor area, but also all about current events and changes that are taking place.

During the live virtual tour we tell about how Amsterdam grew from a small fishermen village, to a international harbor in the 17th century, to the famous and diverse metropolitan city it is today.

It is a non-vulgar virtual tour that explains all about this unique area and it’s rich history. The area that the (live) tour is taking place is called the heart of Amsterdam, and is actually one of the first places on earth that was connected to the rest of the earth by trade.

Because we have two businesses in the area, and are involved in many social and cultural projects in the neighborhood, we have lots of personal stories and experiences, that we will share.

Ofcourse there is always room for questions: during the tour in the comment section, and at the end by audio and/or comment field.


Points of interest

  • Oldest building and church of Amsterdam (marriage place of Rembrandt)
  • Oldest canal of Amsterdam
  • Secret hidden Catholic church
  • Non-profits
  • Multicultural Amsterdam
  • Resistance heroes World War Two
  • Hiding place Jewish people during World War Two
  • The most beautiful view points of Amsterdam canals, through secret alley ways
  • Former city gate
  • Border of the former Jewish neighborhood
  • Lots of personal stories of the guide

How does it work?

> You contact us

> We set a date and time

> Warm-up for the live tour:  we send a small ‘info-pack’

> We meet on GoogleMeet (or a platform of your choice)

> Enjoy the tour, ask questions, let us (live) guide you around in Amsterdam!

Contact us!

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The Dutch Tour Company is run by husband-and-wife team Salomé & Ian, since 2012.

Educational and cultural tours are our passion and our specialty. We have worked with universities, high schools, companies, travel clubs and travel operators from all over the world.

We love to amaze people with our programs!

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