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Virtual tour in Amsterdam, guide and camera on the bridge

Live Virtual Tours in Amsterdam

Let us show you Amsterdam!

We have developed three different very insightful, fun and entertaining virtual LIVE tours of Amsterdam.  Our passion is to captivate and inspire people,
in the world’s most multicultural city!

For the past 8 years we have worked with universities, colleges, travel groups, travel operators and some of the largest tour operators in the world. Our clients come from all over the world: Canada, the USA, India, the Pacific, Vietnam, Brazil, South Africa and different European groups.


More than a tour….

We are community builders and educators. Our tours have always been more than ‘a walk around town’. We are involved in many social and cultural projects in the old city center of Amsterdam, and we are both local and small entrepeneurs.

We work as a couple, which also gives you the highest live virtual experience: instead of the guide just filming his/her own face, we offer beautiful images, personal stories and very interesting background information.

Depending on the wishes of your group, we have three diferent virtual tours, BUT we also work custom! So if you have any special requests, don’t hesitate to contact us.


>> For Educational Tours: if wanted we can offer teachers at colleges and universities, an information pack beforehand,  so they can create a theme day (or test) for their own.

The Canal District

A live virtual tour with a focus on the 17th century Canal District. This area is part of the UNESCO heritage site!

During the tour we will talk about Dutch architecture, how the canal district came to be, social housing in the Jordaan District, pass by the Anne Frank House and more…

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Amsterdam's old city center/Red Light District

A live virtual tour with a focus on the old city center / the Red Light District. One of the most talked-about areas in the world.

When most people think the Red Light District is Sodom & Gomorra, it’s actually a really diverse and tolerant area.

Besides all the notorious things it’s infamous for, it actually has a really high concentration of non-profits, charities and creative business people….

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Second World War & Jewish Heritage

A live virtual tour with a focus on the Second World War in Amsterdam, by an Amsterdammer with Jewish roots, who tells the survival story of his own family, and about the Second World War in the Netherlands.

After this tour, participants will have a clear picture how the Holocaust in the Netherlands was able to happen. And how this impacted Amsterdam’s culture.

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