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Review about our Red Light Dinner Walk

I was not a 100% sure what to expect from a Dinner Tour in a redlight district. But it was a great tour. The Amsterdam redlight district has an interesting vibe and you don’t really feel like you are a “dodgy” area or not welcome.

I was there with my parents (around 65 and my sisters and brothers – all between 27-37) and we all enjoyed the tour. It was a mixture of historic information & fun and interesting info about the redlight district.

The picked restaurants all had a great flair (one included a little theater on the top floor) and the food war very good. I can highly recommend the tour – it is a lot of fun with a lot of interesting and surprising information. Definitly worth to do 😉

– Nikola


Review about our Red Light Workshop

Great idea for the start of a Hens night. We had a lot of fun and laughed the entire time. Our hostess was great and super sweet! The bride to be enjoyed it and was happy with the surprise. Recommend this to all, no matter the occasion.

– H. Hamilton


Professional company, run by a lovely couple who have extensive knowledge of the area.

– M. Boshuizen


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