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Stopover Amsterdam

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We pick you up from the Schiphol Airport, the Amsterdam cruise terminal or Amsterdam Central Station for the best stopover of your life!

Choose one of our standard tours or let us make a custom tour for you that fits your wishes.

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Stopover Amsterdam

Do you have a long stopover in Amsterdam? And are you arriving by airplane, cruise boat, or train? Let us pick you up for the best stopover in your life! Book one of our standard tours or contact us for a more custom made program that fits your needs and wishes.

Choose one of our standard packages

Depending on the time you can spend in Amsterdam, we can take you on a nice walk in the old city center, a bike tour that takes you to the canal ring, museum quarter and further, or if you like shopping for souvenirs you can book our Cheese, Diamonds & Shopping Tour.

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Or let us design a custom made program!

If you would like to have a custom made program, like a program that includes a visit to the Rijksmuseum or Van Gogh Museum, or if you have special lunch or dinner requests, contact us with your wishes and we’ll make it happen!

Pickup from airport, cruise terminal or central station

We can pick you up from Amsterdam Airport Schiphol, the Amsterdam cruise terminalAmsterdam central station or our standard meeting point (Beursplein).

If you arrive at the cruise terminal Amsterdam, our guide can pick you up walking, by Tuk Tuk, or taxi.
When you arrive at Schiphol airport our guide can pick you up by train or taxi.
If you arrive at Amsterdam central station our guide can best pick you up walking and start the tour there.

Please inform for the extra costs.



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Tour Type Private Tour
Duration & Price Depends on program of choice
  • Tour with a Professional guide
  • Custom Program
  • Pick up 


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Dutch Tour Company

Dutch Tour Company

The Dutch Tour Company stands for: private and unique tours with local and professional guides.

The team of guides is lead by Ian & Salomé Wagenhuis, who have been doing this for years from out of their creative space in the middle of the city center.

They're involved in many social & cultural projects in the old city center and have good contacts with many residents, entrepeneurs & non-profits in the area.

Through their experience and their love for the city, they're able to create everlasting memories!

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