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Old Amsterdam Dinner Walk

Discover Amsterdam to the fullest in this private & guided Old Amsterdam Dinner Walk.

Have a tasty three course dinner, in three different restaurants. Hear about the birth of Amsterdam, it’s Golden Century and modern time Amsterdam.

for only  € 65pp

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Old Amsterdam Dinner Walk

A unique, delicious and entertaining experience! The perfect program for families, friends and business outings .

For years we have organized dinner walks through the old city center of Amsterdam. We’ve personally hand picked the best restaurants which Amsterdam has to offer.

Our old city center dinner walk is one of our most popular programs, many companies and groups from around the planet keep coming back everytime they have an event in town.

Ian will meet you in the old city center or your hotel (in 1012 area) and guide you to three amazing different restaurants in the old city center.

Taste the best that Amsterdam has to offer and enjoy your starter, main dish and dessert on three locations. In each restaurant you can choose from several dishes, with always a vegetarian option.

Amsterdam Private Tour

In between restaurants you will walk in the historic old city center, enjoying beautiful architecture, stories about the old town, see some of the new and upcoming hot spots and hear personal stories of your guide.

When he’s available, Ian guides this dinner walk himself, but if you would like this tour in an other language, let us know. We work together with the best professional tour guides in Amsterdam, so we can guide you in almost any language.

This tour has so far always received a 5* rating by our clients, definitely the most delicious and interesting way to discover Amsterdam!

Tour Overview

Tour Type Dinner Walk Amstedam
Participants min. 8
Duration 3,5 hours
Price 65 € pp
  • Tour with a Professional private guide
  • Three Course Dinner in three different restaurants
  • Different choices in each restaurant, always an option for vegetarian
  •  Drinks

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Dutch Tour Company

Dutch Tour Company

The Dutch Tour Company stands for: private and unique tours with local and professional guides.

The team of guides is lead by Ian & Salomé Wagenhuis, who have been doing this for years from out of their creative space in the middle of the city center.

They're involved in many social & cultural projects in the old city center and have good contacts with many residents, entrepeneurs & non-profits in the area.

Through their experience and their love for the city, they're able to create everlasting memories!

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