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Amsterdam Bike & Walk Tour - Private

Perfect 3 hr program to combine a bike ride on the Amsterdam canals with a guided tour in the old city center.

Explore the canal ring, the Vondelpark, Museum Quarter and more on your bike. After the bike ride your guide will take you on a walk through the beautiful old city center of Amsterdam.

Bike Rent is included!

for only 45 € pp

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Amsterdam Bike Tour

We start this 3 hour program with a bike tour over the world famous Canal Ring. It was built in the 17th century and is recently listed as a UNESCO World Heritage Site.

Admire the colorful house boats, the narrow canal houses, and stop by some of the city’s most famous monuments, such as the Westerkerk and the Anne Frank House.

Next we go on to the Western Islands, the Leidseplein and see if we can do some Dutch cheese sampling along the way, the Museum Quarter and the Vondelpark.

Amsterdam Walk Tour Old City & Red Light

After we’ve returned the bikes we’ll take a walk in the old city center, with beautiful architecture, cozy narrow streets and squares.

In the old city center we’ll walk over the oldest streets and see the oldest house and church in Amsterdam.

Hear about the start of Amsterdam as an old harbor neighborhood and how parts of it developed to the Red Light District as we know it nowadays.

The Red Light District is going through major changes due to a project of the city council, that closes many window brothels and coffee shops. Hear more about the tolerant culture and current changes in the area.


Tour Overview

Tour Type Private Bike & Walking Tour
Participants min. 8
Duration 3 hours
Price 45 € pp (incl VAT & Bike rent)
  • Tour with a professional guide
  • Bike rental
  • Visit to a former window brothel
  • Cheese tasting
  • Stop in a cafe (excl. drinks)
Bookable on every day and time of the week

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Review Bike Tour

Ian Wagenhuis took me on a private bicycle tour. Best tour of a city I have ever had. 10/10 recommend. Customizable, personal, informational, and very enjoyable.

Mr. J. Krenger

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Dutch Tour Company

Dutch Tour Company

The Dutch Tour Company stands for: private and unique tours with local and professional guides.

The team of guides is lead by Ian & Salomé Wagenhuis, who have been doing this for years from out of their creative space in the middle of the city center.

They're involved in many social & cultural projects in the old city center and have good contacts with many residents, entrepeneurs & non-profits in the area.

Through their experience and their love for the city, they're able to create everlasting memories!

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