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An educative and interactive walk through Amsterdam’s old city center: the Red Light District.

Many universities, schools and educational institutions visit Amsterdam without an educational program about all the things that attract students to Amsterdam: the Red Light District, prostitution, soft-drugs etc. A missed opportunity to talk about these subjects.



  • 2 hour tour with a professional guide
  • History and birth of Amsterdam in the oldest streets
  • Hear stories about the acceptance of homo sexuality
  • Experience the cultural China Town & the Dutch multicultural society
  • The Amsterdam cannabis culture
  • Visit a former window brothel in the Red Light District
  • Free cup coffee/tea to-go


Time: 2 hours Price: 12,50 pp excl. VAT

Min. 10 persons, max. 25 persons per group. Start Location: Statue of the Wall Street Bull at the Beursplein

(Google Maps: https://goo.gl/maps/6hfnI) 2 minutes walking from central station.

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Unique Tour in Amsterdam!

We have developed an educational tour for students and teenagers, to introduce and talk about all these subjects in a responsible way. This is the only education tour in Amsterdam in the Red Light District. We walk with respect through the area, inform, answer questions and reflect on all that we have seen and heard.  Our Amsterdam Education Tour is the only educative Red Light Tour in Amsterdam!


Tour for universities and schools in Amsterdam

This is a perfect tour for schools, universities, sport clubs, families with teenagers and educational institutions. It is a great combination of a fun day out with an educational purpose.


Amsterdam Education Tour

Amsterdam’s Red Light District is worldwide known as a liberal and tolerant district, a perfect area to hear and talk about subjects a lot of teenagers and students are busy with. In this tour we walk through the old city center of Amsterdam, telling about Amsterdam’s rich history, old streets, beautiful buildings and current events. Besides the usual Red Light Tour stops we give a lot of time to the following subjects:

Acceptance Homosexuality

We’ll walk through the ‘gay area’, talking about the first gay friendly cafes in the area where seeds for acceptance of homosexuality were planted.

Multicultural Society

Being an old harbor, the Red Light District is the area where the first colored people set foot on Dutch ground. The guide will talk about Holland’s famous multicultural society (Amsterdam has the most nationalities in the world).


The unavoidable window brothels can be a shock to teachers, parents and teenagers. In a small part of the tour we’ll pass by window brothels, the guide will tell about prostitution in Holland and can answer questions. On our tours we expect people to treat sex workers with respect (so no photos or bad comments).

Soft Drugs

Out of experience we know a lot of young foreigners are interested in Holland’s soft drugs, so it’s important to not avoid but inform about soft drugs. What happens when you smoke marijuana? What happens when you regularly smoke joints before your 21st? We tell about the Dutch soft drug policy, coffee shops and give accurate information about the (possible dangers of the) use of soft drugs.


Educative & Interactive

Time for reflection & questions

A walk in and around the Red Light District can be confronting and raise questions or emotions. Our guides and social or cultural workers have a lot of experience in working with teenagers and students. We take time to sit down, reflect on all that we have just seen and heard, answer questions and make time for an open discussion.


Fun day out

Though this is an educational program, having a good time is just as important to us. Humor, funny stories and facts keep people their attention and make everybody look back on the day with a smile.


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